Seriously Funny Fishing w Ed Malin – EP002

Seriously Funny Fishing w Ed Malin – EP002

Fishing is about so much more than just catching fish; it’s the friendships and experiences that make it the best thing to do on the planet.

Some folks may know Ed Malin for being the proprietor of one of the most famous restaurants in northeast Florida, while others may know Ed because of his run for Congress in 2016.  Still others may recognize him for being the first charter captain in northeast Florida to become a member of the International Game Fish Association.  However, no one knows Ed the way Kevin knows Ed; they’ve been great friends for a long, long time, and they have some of the greatest stories you’ll ever hear.


Kevin and Ed definitely have a lot of history together, and that history even includes stories including Kevin’s wife!  During the episode, you’ll get the story behind the photo above; Ed is on the left, Kevin’s wife Carie is on the right, and in the middle is the focus of their INSANE rescue operation.  Why is the story so good?  Wait until you hear about everything in the water surrounding this photo…

This conversation isn’t just about cutting up, however.  Kevin, Scott, and Ed address some serious issues that affect all anglers, regardless of where you can find them on a map.

We’re really excited to be able to bring you into the seriously funny side of Reelin’ with the IGFA this episode!

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