Fly Rod Chronicles’ Curtis Fleming – Ep007

Fly Rod Chronicles’ Curtis Fleming – Ep007

Curtis Fleming is quick to call Fly Rod Chronicles “reality fly fishing”, and it makes sense; he isn’t afraid to show the botches and bungles along with those trophy fish moments.  Well, this was definitely a “reality” podcast (since we are all about botches and bungles), and we were so happy to have him on Reelin’ with the IGFA.

Curtis is all about the great state of West Virginia, and was happy to talk about just how beautiful it is.  Forget that old John Denver song; he shared all about the beauty, diversity, and grandeur of the state.  For him, it’s the “best kept secret in the United States”, and it’s the perfect place to raise a family.

When you watch the show, visit his website, interact with him on social media, or talk to him one-on-one (or three-on-one in our case), you won’t get very far without knowing just how important his family is to him.  It was great to hear all the stories he has about his wife Michelle and two daughters, Laken and Autumn.  Interestingly enough, he shared stories about all of them managing to secure a stockpile of IGFA world records…and he himself is still without one!  If you need one reason to listen, you have to hear the story about his wife’s record; it will give you chills and possibly bring a tear to your eye.

The big thing about this episode is the fun everyone had.  Curtis is the kind of guy that makes you feel like a friend from the moment you meet him, and you’ll definitely hear it.  We laughed more in this episode than any other, and we’re betting you’ll be laughing, too.  We do warn you, however – especially those listeners from The Mountain State – there ARE West Virginia jokes in this episode.  But for the record, you can blame Kevin and Scott.  Chris lived in West Virginia for several years, married a Mountaineer, and knows better than to run down “Almost Heaven” (he did slam WVU once, but that doesn’t count, does it?).

One other VERY important note: if you haven’t yet, please listen to our special bonus episode on the Modern Fish Act.  H.R. 200 is a big deal for recreational anglers, and it’s coming up for vote in the U.S. House of Representatives on or near July 11, 2018.  Get the details on the bill and how you can help get it one step closer to becoming a law.

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