The Incomparable Larry Dahlberg Pt.1 – EP008

The Incomparable Larry Dahlberg Pt.1 – EP008

There’s no introduction needed when it comes to Larry Dahlberg.  The guy is an outright genius, he’s got a fantastic philosophy when it comes to fishing…and living.

In this, the first of a two-part conversation, we went in asking for stories, and boy, did he deliver.  He talks about the curious (and somewhat grim) circumstances that led to his childhood guiding ventures, the meandering path leading to the birth of “The Hunt For Big Fish”, and an interesting, vodka-soaked adventure in Russia.

As we mentioned, it’s Dahlberg…quite the interesting guy, and quite the compelling listen.  And remember, this is only the first part of a two-part conversation; as this episode ends, he’s only getting started.

We also got the chance to congratulate two new certified, bonafide IGFA World Record Holders: Australia’s 11-yr old Emmi Roberts and USA’s Dr. Elizabeth Joy Scott.  We’ll have those pics up on social for you to check out.

Finally, if you’re here on or near post day (Sunday, July 8) and you live in the United States, you STILL have time to contact to your local representative and urge them to pass the H.R. 200, the Modern Fish Act.  For more information about that, check out the bonus episode in the links below.

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