You’re Not Going To Believe This, But… – EP012

You’re Not Going To Believe This, But… – EP012

We’ve all got embarrassing stories, and if you’ve spent any considerable amount of time with a line in the water, you’ve certainly got some not-so-glorious tales to tell.  We definitely have our fair share, and on this episode, we’re giving you plenty to chuckle about.

Like the time Kevin colluded with the Russians.  Or when Scotty almost died via pelican.  Or when Chris had a ball fishing with his step-dad.  Not to mention the dirty bucket and the lady with feathers in her hair.  They go on and on, and we promise you’ll be in stitches…and almost as red-faced as we were.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the times that weren’t so enjoyable for us!

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    1. Thanks so much! Talking with Larry Dahlberg was a huge highlight for us, but the travel corn thing completely killed us. We couldn’t track him down at ICAST, so we weren’t able to score a product sample. We wanted to do a review!

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